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History has always been part of my life.


Following retirement from a professional career in accountancy, I now have more time for historical research.


History fascinates the enquiring mind, and educates us through lessons learned from the past.


My particular interest is in the history of conflict and how the effect of conflict has impacted on social and industrial life. The changes brought about at the time of the Great War 1914-1918, the first fully mechanised war, are of special relevance to me. Over many years, I have made numerous trips to the battlefields of Northern France and Belgium, undertaking extensive research, upon which I draw for my talks and presentations and also for my guided tours.


During my lifetime, I have amassed a collection of military artefacts especially from the Great War period and frequently utilise them in my talks to illustrate how various items were used and to help bring the realities of war to life.


As Churchill said: “ A nation that forgets its past has no future”

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